Interactive Drape – Getting Started

  1. Start Interactive Drape from the windows Start Menu. The Interactive Drape window will open.
  2. Import a model surface – Click on the Model menu and then Import. A standard file open dialog box appears for you to select a file (.stl or .txt).
  3. Find and select an .stl file and click Open. The model appears in the window.
  4. Rotate the model by selecting the View menu and selecting Orbit Rotate. Any mouse movement will rotate the view about the vertical and horizontal axes.
  5. Add a ply to drape onto the model surface. Select the Ply menu and click New ply. A ply is placed in space but is not necessarily on the model surface.
  6. Click on the model to place the ply where you want it. The ply will be moved dynamically onto the model surface corresponding to the cursor position.
  7. Now drape the ply onto the model. Select the Ply menu and click on Drape. This will activate the Draping tool or Grip which is set with a default of 50mm diameter.
  8. Perform the drape by dragging the mouse cursor over the ply. The ply will turn transparent in the area that has been formed.

Now you are on your own. Try lifting the ply and replacing it. Check out the flat pattern under the Ply menu etc. Note that tool tips will appear when the mouse is hovered over any button. Also, other useful information is written to the status bar at the bottom of the window when an operation is selected. Note also that the mouse scroll wheel is used to perform many operations. See the status bar once a operation is selected.